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Carts in Theseio

Artwork details

Artwork title
Carts in Theseio
Barkof Alexis (1870-1944)
Artwork date
George I. Katsigras Collection
Main colors
White brown
Short description
Carts in Theseio
38 x 46,5 cm

Municipality of Larissa

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RightarrowMunicipality of Larissa


Two carts are depicted at a stop and the background is the temple of Hephaestus in Theseio. They form a corner with each other and in its entirety they create a impetuous diagonal from left to right.[The ] fast very nervous drawing in their output creates a condensation of their individual forms, that comes contrary to the clean straight lines of the temple in the background.In combination with the main diagonal and with other tangible straight lines, that underline the drawingfreely, they give the impression of movement, specifically on the cart on the first level.However we observe that the rider vaguely is distinguished between the two carts, without having boarded.

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