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Artwork details

Artwork title
Xenos Nikolaos (1908-1983)
Artwork date
George I. Katsigras Collection
Watercolour and coloring pencils
Main colors
Green, blue
Short description
Watercolour and coloring pencils
28 x 37,5 cm

Municipality of Larissa

Visit municipality web site, to be informed on all current news

RightarrowMunicipality of Larissa


The thin trunk of the naked tree in the first level of the painting is outlined with short branches clearly, thanks to the relative chromatic homogeneity that shapes in the background a long mountainous volume and sky.At the same time it fixes the point of interest, the mountain of the background that is to say, that is portrayed with big surfaces of shadow.Thick bands of light green and ochre colour are shaped with confused outlines, between the first level and the depth, giving alternations to the landscape .The depiction of the landscape is given thus without insistence in details but with base fluid chromatic surface.Enough realistically however are attributed the clouds in the sky.

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