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The Disaster of Psara

Artwork details

Artwork title
The Disaster of Psara
Vassileiou Spyros (1902-1985)
Artwork date
George I. Katsigras Collection
Tempera and Indian Ink
Main colors
Blue black
Short description
A woman in black
Tempera and India Ink
35 x 50 cm

Municipality of Larissa

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RightarrowMunicipality of Larissa


In this bifoliate Vassileiou depicts the known poem by Dinysios SolomosThe ascetic form of composition symbolizes Glory holding a frugal hoop comes in order to honour the deads that fell in Psara. Intense is the symbolism, as Vassileiou by wanting to give the picture in the verses of Solomos, presents Glory as a humble woman with [the most poor means does the greatest honour to those who were perished for their homeland.
The composition follows the Byzantine models and reminds intensely of the Byzantine manuscripts.Two dimension output absence of prospect,intense modelling on the faces and stylished folding on clothing.

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